autostake autoreward

DeltaV THRUST BSC contract address 0x969F60Bfe17962E0f061B434596545C7b6Cd6Fc4

About Us
high apy auto reward utility


1,000,000 THRUST max transaction 5% buy/sell 1000% potential APY auto stake auto reward

5% buy / sell

Marketing Development 3.5%

coingecko and coinmarketcap listing soon

liquidity fee 1%

THRUST / BNB liquidity LOCKED as the true value of DeltaV THRUST

deflationary 0.5%

THRUST deflates at 0.5% per transaction to maintain holder value returning high APY rewards

1000% potential APY

BUY HOLD EARN THRUST returns a potential 1000% APY with trade triggered rewards